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Altered Books – A Secret Door

Add extra dimension to your altered book by creating a secret door to hide something special behind.

Soy Wax Screenprints

Join Laura to see how she uses soya wax to create screenprint designs worked onto fabric with your favourite fabric paints. The wax has a very low melting point and is removed very simply with hot water making application and clean up a breeze.

Painterly Leaves and Texture

Inspired by collected leaves, Linda’s working in her sketchbook with easy to achieve painterly effects with watercolour and acrylic inks.

Sketchbook Samples

Don’t lose your stitched samples! Keep them safe and organised in your sketchbook. In this class Laura will show you how to add your stitched samples successfully into your sketchbook and build a lovely reference of technique.

Texture Transfer Leaves

Experiment with transfer printing using disperse dyes or transfer paints on synthetic fabrics. In this workshop Linda will demonstrate how you can use real leaves to add decorative visual texture to your transfer papers before using them to colour fabrics including polycotton or Lutradur.

Sketchbook to Textiles – Interpreting Marks

Join Linda for a look through one of her sketchbooks as she talks about mark making and then how it’s possible to interpret those marks into your textile work, in this case using dimensional fabric paint. 

Books, Bleach, Print

Learn how you can use regular household bleach to create stamped designs in your sketchbook or altered book. Linda will demonstrate using simple print blocks including ones made from her favourite print material – compressed sponge.

Screenprinted Drawings on Fabric

Join Laura is this video to see how she’s been experimenting with a technique that transfers drawings onto fabric using a silkscreen. She’s tried a range of printing mediums and shares with you her favourite. This is a fun technique that captures the essence of a hand drawn image but gives it the quality of a print.

Screenprinted Drawings on Paper

Learn how to print a sequence of drawings using screenprint. We’ll hand draw onto the screen before transferring the work to paper.

Print Rescue

Laura shares her favourite techniques for rescuing prints that haven’t quite turned out perfectly first time. She’ll demonstrate how you can improve your prints using editing, collage, drawing and painting. These methods are great for working into your monoprints, collagraphs and more.

Mixed Media: Art Journal Pages

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Embroidered Crazy Bookwrap

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Lilac Applique Panel

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Sketchbook to Fabric

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Flower Painting: Lilac

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Folded Inserts

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Adding White

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Rubbings: Frames and Windows

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Stamp and Draw on Paper and Fabric

Some detailed subject matter can be daunting to draw from scratch. In this workshop Linda will show you how it’s possible to use a subtle stamped shape as the base for your drawing. Take all the guesswork out of getting the shapes right and instead enjoy creating a design and drawing the details. Then building on the sketchbook work that Linda did using stamps and drawing, she demonstrates how it’s easily possible to translate those ideas to fabric to make a stitched piece.

Accidental Frames

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Using Molding Paste

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Inspired by Boro

Inspired by the stitch and repair notion of Boro and other textile traditions from around the world, Linda is constructing a textile using scraps and lots of hand stitching. To make the process her own, she’s chosen to needle-felt the fabrics making a strong fabric that’s a pleasure to stitch. In the second video see how she turns that fabric into a stylish and practical tote bag.

Shadow Crazy

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Inspired by…Samplers

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Quick Felted Vessels

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Architecture as Inspiration

There’s much inspiration to be found in architectural sources. In this three part workshop join Linda to see how she worked from windows, grilles and other architectural features from a nearby church to create pages in her sketchbook filled with pattern and design information before interpreting the ideas into a stencilled and printed design on fabric.