Featured Workshop

Plant Printing

Be inspired by nature around you and collect leaves to use for plant printing. Linda will show you how to make beautiful contact prints on paper. Laura will demonstrate how to make simply structured, but endlessly creative concertina books to house your prints. Finally Linda shares her ideas for working back into your plant printed sketchbook to edit, refine and add detail. The result will be a truly unique record of the plant material you’ve collected and a fabulous sketchbook for inspiration and further development.

Autumn Plant Printing

Take a look at Linda’s results from her latest plant printing session.

Scrap Quilt Tips

Working with scraps to make your next quilt can be so satisfying, but also a big challenge in terms of design. In this workshop join Laura to take a look at a new scrap quilt Linda’s been sewing as she shares her tips for a successful scrap quilt. 

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How to Sew a Shirt Collar

Have you ever fancied sewing a shirt but been put off by having to do the collar? Laura shows you step-by-step how to do it and it’s really not that bad!

Everywhere the Glint of Gold

Take a look at how we’ve used gold in our work over the years, from paintings to quilts, plus a quick list of our favourite gold products.

Strippy Scrappy – Finished

It’s done, take a look at the last bits of quilting on the Strippy Scrappy quilt that Linda’s been working on recently.

How to Bind a Quilt

Join Laura in the studio for a step-by-step demonstration on how to bind a quilt and add a hanging sleeve.

Strippy Scrappy – What happened next?

Take a look at how Linda’s completed the quilting on the piece she started in the Strippy Scrappy video workshop.

Tips for Squaring up a Quilt

Laura’s tips for squaring up your quilt before adding binding or a facing.

English Paper Piecing – a summer project

See Linda’s latest English Paper Piecing project, the perfect technique for garden sewing!

Using Text: Stamped Shape

Use your favourite letter stamps in a clever way to create shape in your design work. In this workshop Laura prints onto fabric, but you can apply the same principles to your sketchbook, mixed media projects or painting. 

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Using Text: Rubbings on Paper and Fabric

Try adding text to your sketchbook pages and fabric using rubbings. Laura will demonstrate how to make the perfect rubbing and share her tips for successful rubbings on fabric with Markal or Shiva paint sticks.

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Text on Textiles: Handwriting

Join Laura to see how she uses her own handwriting in sketchbooks and on fabric as a method for mark making. Watch her sampling process and see how to use text at different sizes to suit your own project.

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Tips for Sewing a CC Charlie Caftan

The Charlie Caftan by Closet Core is a great pattern. Here’s my latest version and a step by step look at my method for tackling the trickier part of the make.

Plant Printed Artist Book

Take a page by page look through Linda’s plant printed artist book. The book is hand made from a variety of plant printed papers. As you’ll see she’s added painted birds and insects, these are worked in watercolour, gouache and acrylic ink.

Label It!

So you’ve invested weeks, even months making a quilt? The final stage is the own up to it! Sign your quilt and label it to start a little quilt history of your own. Join Laura as she shares some ideas and tips for how to label your quilt.

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Linda’s Poppy Sketchbook

Take a look at some pages from Linda’s poppy sketchbook.

Poppy Inspiration

We love to find inspiration in our gardens and you know we both have used poppies in our work. Take a look at these beautiful examples and maybe use them to draw or paint from in your sketchbook.

Page to Stitch: Painterly Poppies

So you’ve been working in your sketchbook and are really happy with the pages, but how can you translate that to fabric? In this two-part workshop Linda will show you how she creates a painterly study of poppies in her sketchbook then takes those pages as inspiration to create a quilted panel.

Piecing Blues

Scrap quilts are a lot of fun to make and so satisfying, but it’s not just a case of anything goes. See how Linda’s carefully working with value to organise her fabric placement in a Rail Fence quilt and experimenting with different layouts.

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Using White Three Ways

Join Laura as she works on her mixed media landscape paintings. She’s using a base of collage and experimenting with using white to make a photographic collage more painterly. See how she uses different media, including digital painting to achieve the effects she’s after.

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Collage Panels: Glazing Colour

For the final stages of her collage panels, Laura uses acrylic glazing to build up colour. Watch how she adds tints of colour to modify and add richness to the base collage using acrylic paint and glaze medium.

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Handpainted Collage Papers

Create your own handprinted collage papers, perfect for sketchbook and mixed media painting. Then explore how you can expand your collage and have fun playing with scale.

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Painted Mirror Frame

Add a pop of colour and pattern to your home with this decorative mirror frame. Laura will show you how to paint and construct the frame using simple materials and techniques.

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Inspired by Ceramics: Table Runner

Discover how Linda chooses a fabric colour palette for a summer table runner inspired by a collection of hand painted ceramics. Follow our lead and be inspired by your tableware to make a perfectly coordinating quilted table runner. She uses stitch and flip technique in a quilt as you go method of piecing. This is an ideal project for making use of many coloured scraps.

Customising Digital Print Fabric

Creating fabric design for digital print is just the start, once the fabric is printed you can still customise it using some of your favourite surface design techniques. In these workshops Laura shows how you can work with a digital print fabric to modify it with discharge dyeing and hand lettering.

Watercolour Tips – Lifting Out

Join Linda to paint a leaf in watercolour and discover how she creates organic, special effects and finally lifts out fine details.

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Strippy Scrappy: Quilting the Spaces

If you’ve tried any of the quick piecing techniques that we’ve featured on DMTV, then it’s likely you’ll have quilt tops that need quilting! Fear not, Linda has some ideas to help you quilt the piecing and those tricky empty spaces in blocks. Join her to discover how she chooses the quilting designs for her strippy patchworks. She uses hand techniques to stitch a cushion front and then creates a completely different look with machine quilting to enhance a beautiful hand painted garland in the on point squares of a little quilt.

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Strippy Scrappy Blocks

Slice up your scraps and use them with quick piecing methods to make beautiful quilt tops. This is a great stash buster and will quickly make a dent in your fabric pile!

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Soy Wax Screenprints

Join Laura to see how she uses soya wax to create screenprint designs worked onto fabric with your favourite fabric paints. The wax has a very low melting point and is removed very simply with hot water making application and clean up a breeze.

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Painterly Leaves and Texture

Inspired by collected leaves, Linda’s working in her sketchbook with easy to achieve painterly effects with watercolour and acrylic inks.

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