Working together to bring you DesignMatters TV, Linda and Laura Kemshall are a mother and daughter team who pioneered online learning in creative subjects in the UK. They offered City & Guilds’ certificated qualifications via the accredited DesignMatters centre at for more than 15 years.


“We have enjoyed travelling the world to teach our painting, designing and quilt making techniques. We love meeting creative individuals and like nothing more than to share our passion for fabric art and design with kindred spirits, but there came a time when we had to realise we couldn‘t be everywhere at once. Our Online Courses reach people all over the world but not everyone wants to make that kind of time commitment. We have to turn down far more invitations to teach and lecture than we are able to accept. Our course videos have been very successful so Online TV seemed the next logical step. Through our TV programmes we’re able to reach as many people as possible without the commute for us or for our viewers.

Our subscribers have a wide range of inspirational programmes on demand and best of all, rather than being at the back of the class they can be right up there in the front row every time they watch! Everyone loves to see a technique demonstrated just for them with all the detail up close and personal. It‘s just like having us there in the room!”

Think of DesignMatters TV as your favourite magazine. Covering all aspects of creative art and craft techniques you’ll find everything you need to be inspired. With a wealth of practical experience in quilt making, embroidery, painting, drawing and working into sketchbooks, Linda and Laura will kickstart your creativity. DesignMatters TV will bring beautiful projects for you, your home, or as gifts for family and friends. With technical advice and expertise at every step this is the easy way to improve your skills and learn something new. You’ll be welcomed right into the heart of Linda and Laura’s working studios.



“I think one of the most exciting aspects of DesignMatters TV is that Linda and I will always be able to cover a breadth of subject matter. From sharing the making of our latest projects to the excitement of discovering a new favourite technique, we can talk about it all. Most importantly, we have the time in each show to cover the processes and ideas we’re using in-depth making them accessible to everyone not just the already experienced but to the complete beginner too.” 

DesignMatters TV is fuelled by the inspirational ideas of Linda and Laura. They want to hear from you too. If you have a suggestion for a subject you’d like to learn more about, just let them know and they’ll do their best to include it in a future show. There’s also a Gallery where you are very welcome to post images of what you’re making, work in progress, and ask any questions you may have about the techniques they’ve demonstrated. Linda and Laura would love to see your work so don’t be shy – post those photos of the pieces that have been inspired by the videos for everyone to enjoy!