Advent Art Challenge – Day One

I’m going to start by painting my tags to get rid of that white background. I’m using acrylic paints for this, but you can use whatever you like – watercolours or inks would work just as well.

I’ve been working with portraits again lately and revisiting some work from a couple of years ago. I want to carry that on with these little mini pieces so that will be my theme. For my first tag I’ve used some opaque paint to block out a silhouette head shape.

You can use your tags as a festive decoration. When I’ve done them in the past, I’ve tied them onto the Christmas tree with ribbon which looks lovely.

At the moment I’m working in my sketchbook a lot so I think I’ll use my tags as collage elements on the pages. I think that’ll be a really fun way to make use of them.

We hope you enjoy joining in with this project. If you’re on Instagram do share you work and tag us in so we can see it. You’ll find us at @laurakemshall @lindakemshall and you can also use the hashtag #designmatterstv We would love to see your work!

Hey! Great that you’re interested in following along with the Advent Art Challenge. I’m going to be working on my tags and I’ll post the results every few days so you can see what I’m doing.

I’ve printed a set of tags out onto card. I would have liked to use heavy watercolour paper, but my printer just doesn’t like printing onto thicker papers. The card should be fine. You can decorate your tags with any subject matter you like, it could be a festive theme or something completely different. The main idea is just to get into the habit of doing a little bit of something creative every day.

I’m pretty sure that although I’ve got good intentions on Day One, there might be days during this busy time of year when I won’t have chance to get the paints out. So, I’m going to paint more than one tag in this session. To be honest, it’s almost as quick to paint ten tags as it is to do one!

Because my card wasn’t very heavyweight, they’ve curled a little as I’ve painted them. No worries though, I’ll let them dry and then press them flat again under a book.

The Advent Art Challenge is a great project to get your kids involved with too. They can make a mini work of art each day in the run up to Christmas. Just perfect to distract them from eating all the chocolates off the tree – well, maybe! Amelie’s going in. Here’s her first tag. She’s going to draw or paint something Christmassy every day.