Altered Books

Welcome to the Altered Books section of the Archives. Here we've gathered together all the content we have that feature the use of altered books. You'll find video workshops and inspirational blog posts with lots of ideas and information to help you alter your own book.

About Altered Books

So what's an altered book? Well as the name suggests you take an existing book and modify it in some way. You can use all manner of techniques and media from oil pastel and wash, to drawing, collage and printing. As well as altering what's on the pages, you can also alter the structure of the book to create fold-outs, flaps, and niches. You might even stitch into your book.

We think making altered books is a lot of fun. You can go with the theme of the original book, or bring something new, obscure what's existing on the pages or use it as a starting point for something new. If you're nervous of working in sketchbooks because of the blank white page, then altering books is a great alternative, there are no blank white pages!

We have a number of video workshops on a variety of techniques and approaches that are suitable for altered books. Check out the other resources too for inspirational blog posts and more information to help you on your altered book project. You'll never pass by a second-hand book shop again...

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