Another Week in Lockdown

There’s little in the way of routine right now but in some ways I rather like that. I used to check the weather forecast for the weekend but why bother when no one’s going anywhere? Every day is the same – I only have to know what day the bin is collected and when we send out a DMTV newsletter! It does mean I get to spend more time in my workroom and I am getting through the pile of unfinished business!

You may have seen this still life I painted on cotton fabric. I’ve been hand stitching the apples but hadn’t worked out what to do with the background. Then I was inspired by last week’s DMTV video where Laura added pattern to a portrait I had drawn using Intense blocks. I found out a plastic stencil and did something similar to this piece.

I think it’s a big improvement. The colours much richer now and a lot more interesting. I’ll be mounting this on a canvas soon. When it’s warm weather I work in my studio with the doors and windows wide open. I hear the birds singing and it almost feels like I’m in the garden. The pandemic doesn’t stop nature – the apple trees are blossoming and the flowers are bursting into bloom. Because we’ve been spending more time outdoors we are probably admiring all of the flowers more than ever.

This is one of my favourite clematis. I had to try and paint it!

Painting a white flower on white paper isn’t a great idea so forgive me if I accentuate the hints of colour I see!

It’s quite a big watercolour for me but I’ve loved doing it. I hope all of you who are staying home are finding creative ways to enrich your days. Stay safe and well!


Linda x