We love working with collage in our sketchbooks, so working with appliqué for our textile projects seems completely natural. Appliqué is perfect for adding shape and pattern to your work. You can combine it brilliantly with printing, piecing and stitch for lovely layered effects.

Bonded Applique

Bonded Applique

Laura demonstrates how to use bonded appliqué as the logical technique to translate sketchbook collage ideas into a quilt. See how fast and easy this method is for creating your next appliqué quilt.

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Inspired by Hawaiian Appliqué – What Next?

So you created a design on your iPad, but what next? Join Laura in this workshop to see how to get your designs off the screen and into your work. She’ll show you how she’s interpreted her design inspired by Hawaiian appliqué in a variety of techniques.

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Bonded Applique Cushion

See how one of Laura’s samples from the recent Bonded Appliqué video workshop turned out.

Faux Piecing: Drunkard’s Path

Work with Laura to create a Drunkard’s Path design using faux piecing. She’ll show you how to use your own hand dyed fabrics (maybe you dyed some using her Exchange Dyeing video workshop), but you can use any of your favourite fabrics from commercial cottons to hand painted cloth.

Bonded Applique: Quilting

Laura demonstrates different ways to deal with the raw edges of bonded appliqué that quilt the project at the same time, using both invisible thread and regular sewing thread.

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Painterly Piecing, Applique and Hand Dyeing

We just love hand dyed fabrics, there’s no better way to create just the colours and colour combinations that we want for our work. In this video collection we’ll show you how to dye your own fabrics and then use them in painterly appliqué and patchwork projects.

Pictorial Applique: Birds

In this set of two videos Linda shows exactly how she chooses a suitable photograph as reference, drafts a pattern, selects the perfect fabrics and uses double-sided fusible webbing to create an appliqué panel. She’ll demonstrate free motion quilting and the final details that will make your panel stand out from the ordinary. You’ll see step by step how to recreate something similar whether you choose to work with a bird motif as Linda does or choose your own source of inspiration – the techniques will work beautifully for any appliqué subject.

Squares and Circles

Linda explores the eternal appeal of circles set in a square for her latest quilt top. See how she uses a range of techniques including appliqué and stencilling.

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Free Applique

Collage Seascape

Work along with Linda in this two-part workshop to create a fabric collage seascape.

Paint Pounded Scarf

Create beautiful hand painted cloth with Linda’s special fabric painting technique, then selecting from your palette of fabrics make a unique scarf with hand worked, kantha style stitch.

Still Life- Quick Drawing to Fabric Collage

Start with quick sketches, explore tone and draw with colour. Take what you’ve learnt to create a fabric collage with machine stitching. Linda and Laura will show you step by step how to record your chosen still life objects using graphite pencils. How to introduce colour with water soluble pencils and finally, how to translate the still life arrangement into a small textile piece using appliqué and both hand and machine stitch.

Inspired by Nature

Find inspiration in nature and see how Linda interprets a photographic source as a mixed media study in her sketchbook. She’ll show you how to use watercolour, charcoal pencils and oil pastel to create rich surfaces sympathetic to the subject matter. Then working from her sketchbook, Linda interprets the mixed media study into a stitched textile. See how she uses opaque and transparent fabric scraps to build painterly layers adding texture with machine and hand stitching. 

Shadow Crazy

Put a twist on traditional crazy patchwork with this mini cushion worked in a sheer and semi sheer fabrics. Embellish with hand worked embroidery stitches and add beads.

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Reverse Applique

Reverse Applique Quilting

Are you looking for new ideas to help with your quilting? Knowing how to quilt a piece can be one of the hardest parts of a project. In this workshop Laura will demonstrate a creative technique for quilting your work that introduces texture and colour by cleverly combining free motion quilting with reverse appliqué.

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