Drawing Reflective Objects

See how we’ve been drawing reflective objects in our sketchbooks using graphite and charcoal pencils.

Adding text

Linda has finished the course but is taking time to reflect on her work and add more detail that she thinks will improve the pages.

Lifting lockdown or staying home?

News – Linda’s finding solace in her studio during lockdown. Maybe you can lose yourself in a spell of painting at this difficult time too?

Working backwards

Linda is continuing to review her sketchbook pages to see what she can add for more interest. She says it’s a great opportunity to experiment!

Life Goes On

Linda’s still adding to her Creative Sketchbooks’ course. This time she’s inspired by the plants and flowers she has in her home and garden.

Working with Hindsight

Linda has finished the Creative Sketchbook course but is taking the time to reflect on early Module 1 work to see how it can be improved, added to and made more interesting to look at!

Another Week in Lockdown

Everyone is still in lockdown here in the UK. Read on to find out how Linda is filling her days at home.


Linda’s found out her pump action spray bottles for these plant studies. What better way to get the leaf shapes right than to use them as the masks?

Isolation Journal

Linda is working into her Isolation Journal to record the things that keep her cheerful during these exceptionally difficult times. The garden has a big part to play!