Big Leaf, Little Leaf

We're writing these activities while we're in lockdown here in the UK due to Covid-19. Hopefully you have safe access to some outside space and this project will help your little ones get outside and busy. Amelie's missing Forest School so here's what we tried...

To join in you'll need:

Leaves, your sketchbook or paper, pencil and pencil crayons.

  • Head out into the garden and search for 20 different leaves. Look for big ones, small ones, tiny ones, massive ones!
  • Arrange the leaves in order of size from the tiniest to the biggest.

We're working in a sketchbook, maybe you'll choose to do the same, if not just work on a sheet of paper.

  • Draw around the largest leaf to trace its outline.
  • And draw around the smallest leaf. You could place the small leaf inside the drawing of the big one to show how different they are.
  • On the page you can write about what you noticed about the leaves. Were they all the same colour? Did you find smaller leaves than you thought? Was the biggest leaf you found bigger than your hand? Or your head?
  • Colour your drawn leaves if you want to. Amelie used coloured pencils for this.