Burda Style Girl’s Coat


As soon as my copy of Burda Style (Issue 10/2016) arrived I’ve been excited to sew this faux fur coat for Amelie. It’s a few firsts for me – first coat, first use of quilted lining, first time sewing a garment from faux fur!img_6716

If you’ve not sewn with a Burda Style magazine before, the magazine comes filled with loads of patterns printed on large pattern sheets. The designs overlap so it’s necessary to trace off the pattern you want in the appropriate size. Course that takes a bit of time, but it’s a trade off for getting so many patterns for a modest price, besides, I always trace patterns anyway, just in case I want to cut a different size at some point in the future.


I used quite a short pile fur fabric and started by overlocking the edges of all the pieces. I don’t think the fabric would fray as it’s a knit base, but I hoped it would help control all the fluff from the cut edges that was covering every surface!


The pattern called for a quilted lining fabric. I know you can buy ready-quilted lining, but I didn’t have any and anyway, it’s nicer to quilt your own if you can isn’t it? Well, turns out it’s a bit tricky. I was using black jersey for the lining which I though would be lovely, cosy and soft. The jersey pieces placed onto a thin wadding squirmed and distorted as I tried to freehand quilt them. I found the only solution was to pin them on the longarm with a very fine cotton lawn backing. I basted around the edge of every piece and then quilted them. That worked a breeze.


Not having made up a lined coat before, I found the brevity of the Burda instructions a little frustrating and yes, there was a bit, no a lot of unpicking. But now I’ve made one, sewing up this coat again would be a piece of cake. I’m sure I’ll make another. It’s a great shape, perfect length and now I know what I’m doing, pretty quick to sew. The longest part of the process is quilting the lining, so if you’re in a rush, buy ready-quilted or maybe use a fleece fabric instead.pa193707

If you’re freehand quilting the lining, then of course you have the opportunity to do any design you like. I chose a quick-to-quilt feathers pattern and also freehanded in Amelie’s name. Much better than a sew-in label or her initials scribbled in using Sharpie which is usually what happens before she heads off to school.


Amelie is just turned four, about 105cm tall and she’s wearing the Size 5 option. The fit is good, no adjustments necessary and most importantly, she loves it!

Hope you’re having a great week. Back soon,