Cardboard Etching – The Printing

If you’ve made a cardboard plate, now’s the time to print from it. Linda demonstrates two methods, with a press and without.

To work along you’ll need:

  • A print plate carved from a scrap of mount board. (See Part 1 for details).
  • Etching ink – either traditional oil based or water based alternative.
  • A telephone directory for sheets of thin paper.
  • An old credit card or similar.
  • Piece of scrim or tarlatan cloth.
  • Newsprint paper.
  • Print quality paper – watercolour paper is fine.
  • A shallow tray to hold water for soaking paper.
  • An old towel to blot paper.
  • A printing press, pasta machine or old metal spoon.
  • Apron and protective gloves.
  • White spirit for clean up of oil based ink.

Approximate run time: 15 minutes

Presenter: Linda Kemshall

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