Concertina Sketchbook: Pen and Gouache


Take a closer look at Linda’s concertina sketchbook and see how she’s using pen with body colour/gouache to add artwork to the pages.

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Approximate run time: 31 minutes

Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Take a closer look at Linda's concertina sketchbook and see how she's using pen with body colour/gouache to add artwork to the pages.
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To work along with all the ideas Linda covers in this workshop you’ll need:

A concertina sketchbook. In the workshop Linda uses a shop-bought book, but you can easily make your own. If you would like to do that, please explore our Sketchbooks Classroom for book making workshops.

Permanent artist pen
Watercolour paints
Oil Pastel
White gouache paint
Rubbing alcohol
Photocopies of source imagesIf you don’t have all of these materials, don’t worry, you can use what you have and make substitutions.

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