Creative Kids Art Kit

Here at DesignMatters Art & Craft School we always try to keep things as simple as possible in terms of the kit that you need to follow our workshops. Yes, we know there is a world of amazing products out there, but not everyone has access to them, or wants to buy loads of stuff. We think it's perfectly possible, and often more creative to work with a simple art kit. We'll try to stick to that with our Creative Kids activities. Here's a few things that you might need to work along with us, and some tips on what to look out for...

Paper and Sketchbooks

If you can, use decent paper/sketchbooks. We like 130gsm weight paper best, you can paint on that and it won't wrinkle up too much. You can buy paper and sketchbooks online. If you're on a limited budget or simply want to use what you have around the house already, then copy paper is fine for drawing on, or maybe you have a roll of wallpaper lurking in the loft?


Mmmm we love paint! But, paint for adults isn't always suitable for children as the pigments and other ingredients might be harmful. If you are using paint you already have please check the labels or the manufacturer's website for information. Ready-mixed, water-based kids paint is a good choice for lots of activities, especially for younger children. For older children or when you want something that you can paint and print with, we'll use acrylics, but observing all health and safety precautions.



Have you ever tried painting with a kid's paintbrush? They are, on the whole, terrible! Don't expect to give your kid a rubbish paintbrush and for them to paint anything decent with it. Cheap kids brushes are good for mark making and painting big. For anything where you want them to have more control, give them a better brush. An inexpensive synthetic 'round' brush in about a size 10 or 12 will be perfect and if they keep it clean should last for ages.

You might also have sponge brushes, little rollers or other mark making things. They might all come in handy.


Pens, pencils, pencil crayons

If you've got kids, you're going to have all this stuff! All of it is good for drawing and mark making.

Glue, scissors

Again, you'll likely have these things already, any paper glue is going to be OK, so it might be a glue stick or some PVA glue.

Pots and palettes

Save jam jars for water pots and for putting paint in. If you keep the lids, then if there's paint left at the end of the session you can just pop the lid on and save it for next time. An old plate, or the lid of an ice-cream tub can make a great mixing palette.

Other stuff

We may need more bits and bobs as we go along, but we'll try and keep it to items that you'll already have. Now's a good time to start saving bits and picked like offcuts of card, coloured tissue paper, etc. and making a stash in a box for the kids to use.