Creative Kids

If you have a love for art and craft, then it's likely that your kids will too, and what better than encouraging your children to discover that same passion for colour, ideas and making. Here in this classroom we've put together some projects and simple activities that we hope you'll enjoy working on with your children and grandchildren.

About the Projects and Activities

First and foremost, it's vital to keep your little ones safe. Please read the health and safety notes at the bottom of this page. You'll find a mix of art and craft activities appearing soon on this page from colour mixing fun for painting rainbows, to monoprinting and recording everything you do in a visual diary. We've tried and tested everything posted here with our own little creative kid Amelie. At the time of writing she's seven years old and loves nothing more than getting involved with everything we do. Maybe you're homeschooling, or looking for art and craft activities to entertain your little ones at weekends and in the holidays. We hope you'll find lots to do here. Let us know how you get on and what else you'd like to see. 

Activities to try

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Health and Safety

It goes without saying that not all art materials and activities that are suitable for adults are suitable for children. Be sensible and if in doubt, don't do it. Please supervise your children at all times.

Please read all precautions on any products that you are using and follow manufacturer's guidelines. The guides and advice we offer here is always superseded by specific advice that comes with the products you are using.

Choose activities that are appropriate to the age and level of experience of your child. Work with tools and equipment suitable for children and store all sharp items out of reach.

When using glues, paints and other art products please ensure that they are non-toxic and suitable for use by children. Wear protective clothing where necessary.

We've presented the activities and projects on this page in good faith. We cannot be held responsible for any incident or accident that occurs following these projects and activities.