Adding text

Linda has finished the course but is taking time to reflect on her work and add more detail that she thinks will improve the pages.


Linda’s found out her pump action spray bottles for these plant studies. What better way to get the leaf shapes right than to use them as the masks?

The Eyes Have It!

Linda is almost finished with Module 4 but she’s taking the opportunity to experiment with techniques she doesn’t often use and is combining lots of different mediums to see what happens. This is a time for evaluation and reflection – when the course is over where will you go with your sketchbook work? Oh the possibilities!!

Concertina Book Within a Book

Linda is taking full opportunity to play with pages within pages. She’s also using as wide a range of media and techniques as she can to decorate her little folded pages.

Working with Soft Pastels

Linda is working with soft pastels over watercolour washes on a variety of paper surfaces. She’s exploring a still life arranged using some of her favourite objects from around her house. Great to be bringing so many different mediums and techniques together in Module 4!

Adding Page Extensions

Linda’s been finding out prints that were made on loose sheets of paper to include as collage and/or page extensions. Her book is beginning to look really exciting!