Linda’s popped back from the final module to revisit a combination of techniques that suit her latest subject matter. When you get to Module 4 it’s inevitable that you’ll want to develop earlier ideas explored previously. No ‘rules’ broken – just going with the flow!

Lino blocks, rubbings and prints

Linda’s bringing it all together in Module 4! She’s working with her favourite inspirational subjects and combining all the techniques explored during the course.

Working into my Monoprinted Feathers

Linda’s been working to integrate various of her feather monoprints into her sketchbook, adding washes of colour to connect the different prints and marry them to the page.

Monoprinting Today

Linda is making monoprints using feathers as a mask today. She’s using a Gelli plate but you can improvise with a sheet of patchwork template plastic or a laminated pouch if you don’t have one. This technique works on paper and fabric.

Printing With Acrylic

Linda is printing with acrylic paints and then exploiting their insoluble quality when dry by adding washes of watercolour to create lovely textured images.