Welcome to Creative Sketchbooks

Thank you for enrolling on our Creative Sketchbooks course. It’s a pleasure to have you join us. Below you’ll find links to the course Modules. You can purchase the remaining Modules any time you like, here’s a link.

If you need help as you work, please don’t hesitate to email us. You might also like to show us what you’re working on. Please post work in progress photos and finished work in the Gallery.

Before you begin, please familiarise yourself with the health and safety guidelines which can be found at the bottom of this page. We hope you enjoy your course with us and very much look forward to seeing what you create.

Love Linda and Laura

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Health and Safety

Please ensure that you are comfortable with any process and product before beginning an activity especially if you have a specific health concern.

Always read the packaging information before buying or using any product.

Store materials as recommended.

Wear suitable old clothing when using paints, glues, etc.

Follow sensible precautions when using electrical equipment such as heat guns and leave them to cool completely before storing.

Use only containers dedicated to art to mix and store art materials.

Label everything clearly.

We’ll provide instructions during the course, but these are superceded by any manufacturers’ guidelines. If you’re not sure about something please ask us, or the product manufacturer for further advice.

During the course you will use craft knives and scissors. Always be careful with bladed tools and be sure to handle and store them safely. When cutting with craft knives use an appropriate cutting mat and ruler.

Paints and glues can often contain ingredients that are harmful. Please carefully observe any guidelines on the packaging.