First pages for Module 2

I’m really excited to move onto Module 2 because this is where we get to work with lots of gorgeous colour! We encourage everyone to look for some of their favourite things from around their homes. I’m spoilt for choice because I collect lots of stuff! These cups and saucers are a case in point. I’ve never had a cup of tea in them as they are way too small and ladylike but they appear in my artwork all the time.

As you can see I’ve made a start by making a line drawing. I used a 2B pencil to sketch the shapes and then went over the lines with a black pen before using an eraser to remove the traces of pencil. It’s daunting drawing direct to the page with a permanent pen but pencil can be rubbed out easily!

This china is very ornately decorated with lots of gold. I couldn’t dream of capturing every fine detail but I wanted to suggest the richness of the pattern so I scribbled a rough approximation of it with a gold metallic oil pastel.

The oil pastel repels water based paints and gives a lovely loose painterly effect. The colours in the paint palette we send out are very intense and they might appear to be very bright, even raw, but they can be mixed together to create most of the colours you might ever need. The dark royal blue with some added black was a good match for the inky blue glaze of my china. Mixing the paints on a white plate is the best way to judge if the colours are right before painting direct to the page. I find these paints can be used to create really deep and saturated colours or watered down with lots of clean water for pale washes. This makes them really versatile.


I rather liked drawing the cups and saucers larger than life across the spine of the book but it left a lot of  blank paper that was crying out for my attention! I thought the white area provided space for some text so I stamped the words using an ink pad and some wooden alphabet stamps. I’m fairly happy with how this turned out and plan to work more pages inspired by my very decorative but impractical china!


I hope you’ll check back soon to see what I get up to next!

Bye for now,