Creative Sketchbooks Module 3

Welcome to Module 3 of Creative Sketchbooks. You’re half way through and we hope you’re enjoying the activities so far. By now your sketchbook should be filling up nicely!

In this Module we’ll explore:

Acrylic paint
Block printing
Using Text
Borders and Frames
And lots more!
You’ll need:

your sketchbook
acrylic paints
lino block and cutting tools
compressed sponge
basic art kit (including sharpener, glue stick, fixative, scissors or craft knife, ruler and mat)

Module 3 Workbook

The course module is delivered as a workbook which you’ll see below (click to Read and it’ll open full screen), and a series of video demonstrations which you’ll find underneath. If you’d like to print the workbook, or save it to your iPad please click Here for a PDF version.

Module 3 Videos