Welcome to the DesignMatters TV Gallery. We know you’re a talented bunch and we want to see what you’re working on! This is the place to share your completed pieces, work in progress and the inspirational images that are getting you fired up.

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About the User Gallery

We would love to see what you’ve made, work in progress and images that are inspiring you.

How to post:

Just click ‘Upload Photo’ in the menu bar above the Gallery. Give your image a caption, description and select the photo from your computer. Please choose an appropriate gallery to post the image to, i.e. Work in Progress, Textiles, Sketchbooks, etc.

If you need any help just shout: laurakemshall@gmail.com

How to Browse:

Click on the drop down menus to choose to view the Galleries by newest images or by category. Love someone’s work? You can view everything they’ve uploaded by clicking on their name beneath one of their images.
Click on any image to see a larger, full version and to add your comment. The gallery is a place for enthusiasm and encouragement. Be kind to each other and play nicely!

Please note:

From time to time, we might like to showcase your lovely images elsewhere on the website, for instance, on the blog, or maybe in our newsletter, Facebook page and other social media. We will always credit with the username used to upload and give any caption/title listed. If you prefer your images not to be used outside the Gallery, that’s no problem. Just drop us a line to let us know.