Digital Stitch

We love to add lots of stitching to our work, with a wide range of techniques from slow hand stitch, to machine quilting, and digital stitch. Combining techniques and building layers of stitch allows the creation of fascinating surfaces full of texture and colour.

Digital stitch, whether it’s embroidery or quilting, is stitch that’s been designed using software and then stitched out using a sewing machine with an embroidery unit. There are many commercial digital stitch designs available, and while we sometimes work with these, we often like to modify them, or design our own from scratch.

Digital stitch is obviously heavily reliant on technology and software, things that change rapidly and are updated often. We try to keep the information here as current as possible and as adaptable to all machines and software packages.

Digital Stitch Workshops

Digital Quilting with Sketch

Laura demonstrates the Sketch module of Premier+ embroidery software to show how it can be perfect for creative quilting.

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Quilting Arts Magazine – Summer Issue 2022

Linda’s written an article for the Summer 2022 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine on the topic of combining digital stitch with fabric painting.

Sketchbook to Stitch: Eye of the Beholder

Laura talks about her recent digitising project and shares a few tips on how to translate a sketchbook design into stitch using software.

Digital Stitch plus Painting

Take a look at how Linda’s been using a combination of commercial digital stitch designs, freehand quilting and hand painting to produce a composition.