Don’t Draw? Trace!


Whether you’re nervous of drawing, or are just looking for a new sketchbook technique, why not consider using tracing? To work along you’ll need:

  • Your sketchbook
  • Photo
  • Pen
  • Tracing paper

Approximate run time: 15 minutes

Presenter: Laura Kemshall

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Linda’s Poppy Sketchbook

Take a look at some pages from Linda’s poppy sketchbook.

In the Mix: Rubbings and Drawing

Work along with Laura to bring more confidence to your drawing. Laura will show you how rubbings can be the basis for beautiful tonal drawings. You’ll need only very basic supplies to create great results!

Mixed Media Drawing Techniques

Experiment with a range of different media with your drawing approach. Try a painterly style with oil pastels, restrict yourself with a limited range of media for a sketchbook study, and experiment with layering in your drawing using pen, coloured pencil and wash.

Sketchbook Stories

Take a page by page look through one of Laura’s sketchbooks as she describes the media, techniques and ideas she uses. Get a feel for the different ways you can use a sketchbook and be inspired to start your own.

Working with Acrylic Skins

Using acrylic skins is a fascinating way to add linear and text detail to your acrylic painting and mixed media projects. Join Laura to see how to trace a linear design, how to form the skin and how to use it. In the second video in this collection she’ll show you how to apply the principle to text based designs.

Drawing and Painting

Linda’s enjoying more sketchbook drawing and painting today. With spring in the air the garden provides the inspiration.

Working into Printed Sketchbook No. 2

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Art Kit Essentials

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Sharpen those Pencils!

Get your workspace ready! It sounds like procrastination, but seriously, sharpen those pencils…

Still Life- Quick Drawing to Fabric Collage

Start with quick sketches, explore tone and draw with colour. Take what you’ve learnt to create a fabric collage with machine stitching. Linda and Laura will show you step by step how to record your chosen still life objects using graphite pencils. How to introduce colour with water soluble pencils and finally, how to translate the still life arrangement into a small textile piece using appliqué and both hand and machine stitch.

Developing a Habit – How to start a sketchbook

Laura’s tips for developing a sketchbook habit.

Pencilled In

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Poppies in Graphitint

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Linda’s Art Essentials

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Drawing Tricks and Cheats

Learn some simple tricks, cheats and techniques to help improve your drawing skills.


Think of collagraph as a mix between collage and print. In this two-part workshop find out how to make your own collaged plate from simple materials. Then see how to ink and print the plate using nothing more than a pasta machine in lieu of a print press.

Digital Painting and Tracing

Use your iPad as a design tool. Learn how you can easily digitally trace and paint. Print your digital work to paper and incorporate it into your sketchbook.