Draw with Me – Session 2


In this session we’re going to use a grid to help us draw accurately with confidence. Using a grid isn’t for everyone, but it can be a useful device if you’re drawing something with tricky proportions or quite a complicated subject. The grid will help you check your observational skills. I’ll also show you how the grid can be used to scale up or down your drawings very easily and effectively.

Approximate run time: 2 hours 21 minutes

Presenter: Laura Kemshall

In this lesson we'll look at how using a grid can help with confidently making an accurate drawing of a complicated subject and also how it can be used to explore scale in your work.
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At first glance, I know this shoe subject matter might look a lot more difficult than drawing the cup in lesson 1. And yes, it is, but please don’t be daunted. Trust the process. Take your time and follow the steps. It’s all just about looking, seeing the lines and shapes and recording them. The grid will help you with doing that. I’ve provided source images for you, but if you want to simplify then that’s fine – find a simpler shaped shoe if you prefer, maybe a sandal, pump, even a flip-flop! Trust me though, those laces in the trainer are lovely to draw once you become familiar with them.

Any questions or need help with a drawing in progress? Pop into the Community and chat with me there.

You’ll notice this video is really long because I wanted to guide you through the process in as much detail as possible. You might decide to tackle this drawing over several sittings rather than in one go. Here are some time stamps in the video to help you skim through to the section you need:

Introduction 0:18
Warm Up 3:03
Gridding 10:50
Line Drawing 20:36
Adding Shading 59:14

Reference images

Click on the reference image thumbnails below to view a larger version you can save and print.

You will need:

To work along with Laura you’ll need:

Your sketchbook or drawing paper

Pencils in at least three grades


Print out of your reference image


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