Draw with Me – Session 6


In the final session of the course we’ll work with what we’ve learnt so far to make a drawing of an interior setting. You can choose to make your own arrangement of furniture and objects or work with my reference photos. Maybe you have a favourite spot with a chair in front of a window that you’d like to draw? Or perhaps you have a collection of objects on a mantelpiece that you find inspiring? Even the array of plates, cutlery and napkins on a dining table after dinner could be an exciting subject to draw!

This is a long demonstration video and I’d recommend tackling it over several sessions. Remember, there’s no rush with this drawing and it’s fine to work on it over several days if that suits you. I have listed time points for key stages in the lesson so that you can fast forward through to the bit you need today.

Introduction – 0:00
Setting out the drawing – 20:15
Adding tone to the chair – 54:27
Adding tone to the fabric – 1:37:20
Adding tone to the plant – 2:13:28
Adding tone to the cup, books and box 2:47:06

Approximate run time: 3 hours 22 minutes

Presenter: Laura Kemshall

In the final session of this course let's bring together what we've learnt so far into a drawing of an interior. Choose to arrange some of your favourite objects and furniture or work from my reference photos.
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Reference images

Click on the reference image thumbnails below to view a larger version you can save and print.

You will need:

To work along with Laura you’ll need:

Your sketchbook or drawing paper.

Pencils, plus coloured pencils if you want to use them, white pencil if you choose to work on toned paper.

Eraser and sharpener

Print out of your reference image

Ruler (if you’re gridding)

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