Draw with Me – Welcome


Join Laura for the introduction to the course. Find out a bit more about what we’re going to do and what you’ll need to get started.

Approximate run time: 14 minutes

Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Join Laura for an introduction to the course, find out a bit more about how it's going to work and what you'll need to get started.
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The other sessions in this course...

Draw with Me – Session 6

In the final session of this course let’s bring together what we’ve learnt so far into a drawing of an interior. Choose to arrange some of your favourite objects and furniture or work from my reference photos.

Draw with Me – Session 5

In this session we’ll work with coloured pencils to make a floral study full of colourful shadows.

Draw with Me – Session 4

In this lesson we’ll look at drawing contrasting textures – something very shiny and something softer. We’ll also explore using a toned background and white pencil.

Draw with Me – Session 3

In this lesson we’ll work creating an arrangement of several objects in a single composition then we’ll make a drawing.

Draw with Me – Session 2

In this lesson we’ll look at how using a grid can help with confidently making an accurate drawing of a complicated subject and also how it can be used to explore scale in your work.

Draw with Me – Session 1

Make a start with the first session of the Draw with Me course. In this lesson you’ll work along with Laura to make an observational drawing of a coffee cup.