Draw with Me

What is this course?

  • Suitable for beginners and improvers
  • Work along with Laura in real time sessions to practise your observational drawing
  • 6 video drawing lessons + a welcome video
  • Optional ‘homework’ suggestions
  • Minimal art materials required
  • Work entirely at your own pace – there’s no time limit on accessing the course materials.
  • Still life theme – all subject matter will be easily accessible
  • All source images will be provided

Welcome to Draw with Me. This course takes a slightly different approach to some of our previous classes. With a slower pace, this gentle course will provide you the time and space to improve your observational drawing skills.

In each video session I’ll suggest that you draw along with me. We’ll work from simple, accessible subject matter that you can find at home, or if you prefer, you can work from the provided source images so your reference is exactly the same as mine.

As we draw I’ll talk you through how to start, what you’re looking for, and I’ll share my technique tips for achieving good results.

We’ll keep our media simple, focusing on what can be achieved with graphite and coloured pencil and you can choose to work in a sketchbook or on loose paper.

Through the sessions we’ll build our skills not only with drawing, but also with seeing and understanding our subject. Along the way we’ll explore:

  • shading and tone
  • line and outline
  • value contrast
  • colour play
  • volume
  • surface

Enrolment on this course also includes access to our Community page where you can chat with us and fellow students, share your work in progress, ideas and inspiration.

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What do I need?

The requirements list for the course is purposely kept as simple as possible. I will discuss what we’re going to work with as part of the Welcome video, but as a quick guide you’ll need:

A sketchbook or drawing paper

Graphite pencils in a range of grades, I suggest HB, 2B, 4B, 6B

A pencil sharpener

Pencil eraser (there are different types, see what you have, we’ll talk about options as we work)

Coloured pencils, a small set will do, minimum yellow, red, blue, black.

Objects to draw – I will be suggesting household objects to draw. I will also provide reference images to work from if you prefer. You may choose to work from these on a screen or print them. Obviously if you want to print them you’ll need access to a printer and some basic printer paper (photo paper not required).

The workshops...

Draw with Me – Welcome

Join Laura for an introduction to the course, find out a bit more about how it’s going to work and what you’ll need to get started.

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The workshops will appear here on the following dates:

2nd February 2023 – Session 1

16th February 2023 – Session 2

2nd March 2023 – Session 3

16th March 2023 – Session 4

30th March 2023 – Session 5

13th April 2023 – Session 6