Draw Your Dinner


Is breakfast, lunch or dinner the highlight of your day? Draw your favourite meal!

To join in you’ll need:

Sketchbook/art journal/home school diary/sheets of paper
Drawing media such as pens, pencils, pencil crayons
If you want to draw around them, you’ll need a plate, knife and fork.

Approximate run time: 9 minutes

Presenter: Laura and Amelie Kemshall

  1. Draw around a plate, or draw a big circle on your page.
  2. Draw around cutlery, or draw them freehand if you prefer.
  3. Add your dinner to your plate! What will you draw? Is it the dinner you’re having or the dinner you wish you could have?
  4. Think about the basic shapes of your food and keep your outlines simple, you can always add more detail later.