Sketchbook Drawing

DMTV subscribers will have seen Laura’s recent video where she printed large sheets of paper, tore them down and bound them as sketchbooks with fascinating and somewhat random imagery on the pages. My challenge was to take one of the sketchbooks and work into it to make it my own. Turned out, rather than being difficult to work with existing colour and pattern on the pages it was fantastic fun and really much easier than being confronted with pristine white paper.


I’ve been adding drawings of my favourite birds, moths and butterflies so far but last night I had a yen to introduce a couple of bees.

I’ve drawn them with Pitt artists’ pigment pens which are waterproof so if I decide to add more colour later the drawings won’t bleed.


If you wonder why bees? It’s not just because I find them beautiful – it’s also what the family call me when they think I’m not listening! Not just any bee of course – it has to be Queen Bee! I hope you’re having as much fun as I am if you made your own printed book!

Bye for now – Linda