Fabric Dyeing

Welcome to the Fabric Dyeing section of the Archives. Here we've gathered together all the content here on DesignMatters TV that focusses on methods of fabric dyeing. You'll find video workshops and inspirational blog posts with lots of ideas and information to help you get started.

About Fabric Dyeing

With fabric shops packed with fabrics in myriad colours and patterns, why would you want to dye your own? Well just like a painter mixes her own colours on the palette, the textile artist loves the control and freedom of preparing fabrics from scratch. We so enjoy hand dyeing our own fabrics. There are many different methods from bucket dyeing to space dyeing, indigo, rusting, and painting with thick dyes.

Most of the methods that we'll guide you through are suitable to natural fabrics, cotton, linen and silk. The exception being transfer printing/dyeing, which is suitable for synthetic fabrics such as polycotton poplin. Don't worry if you don't have much space or time, we always focus on methods that take a straightforward approach with minimal equipment and products.

Video Workshops