English Paper Piecing

In 2018 Laura embarked on a fundraising project called the Ruby Star quilt. You can read about that project on her old blog pages here if you are interested. As part of the project she offered a worksheet which you can find on the left. It’s free for you to download, just click on the image.

Try your hand at English paper piecing. This is a traditional patchwork technique with lots of creative potential for the contemporary quilter. The method is worked by hand and uses minimal equipment so it’s great for the beginner and easily portable if you like to sew on the go!

Start here...

Introduction to: English Paper Piecing

Discover how to sew geometric designs with English paper piecing. Laura guides you through the simple steps for this satisfying method of patchwork that works beautifully for piecing even small shapes with accuracy.

Now take it further...

Millefiore Patchwork

In this archive collection of 2 video workshops join Laura to design and piece and quilt your own millefiore or mosaic patchwork. This project is beautifully intricate, but surprisingly easy to design and sew following Laura’s simple steps.

In the Mix: Hydrangea Quilt

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More classes and resources...

English Paper Piecing – a summer project

See Linda’s latest English Paper Piecing project, the perfect technique for garden sewing!

Recycling Cards for Paper Piecing

Don’t bin those greetings cards. Re-purpose them for English paper piecing.

English Paper Piecing Q & A

We love working with English Paper Piecing. Is it a technique that you’d like to know more about? In this article Linda answers lots of commonly asked questions.

Designing with Honeycomb Grids

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Inspired by Paintings

Inspiration is all around us, but we love to look to some of our favourite paintings to help guide our choices when selecting colours for our textile work. In this class Linda will show you how a colour scheme can be established by studying paintings and how she’s begun to select fabrics and embark on a new pieced quilt.

Templates for English Paper Piecing

Learn about the different templates for English paper piecing and how you can easily make your own.

Finishing School: Mosaic Patchwork

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