Event – Festival of Quilts 2022

18th-21st August 2022

NEC, Birmingham, UK

Hi everyone,

Delighted to let you know that we’ll be exhibiting at Festival of Quilts this year. Here’s what’s happening:

The Kemshall Exhibit

 In partnership with Madeira Sensa Green Threads

Award winning quilt artists Linda and Laura Kemshall have teamed up with Madeira threads to showcase the new Sensa Green thread range. This new, 100% lyocell thread is naturally smooth, soft and strong and is produced using sustainable raw materials in a process that uses environmentally friendly technologies.

Linda and Laura’s work demonstrates their love for hand, machine and digital stitch with a layering of techniques that builds rich surfaces. Come and see how Laura’s been combining stitch with monoprint and screenprint, while Linda’s been experimenting with digital stitch and painting.

About the Sensa Green collection

Sensa Green is a soft sustainable embroidery thread made from 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres and is the first coloured machine embroidery thread of its kind. This new premium thread is feather soft, gentle on the skin, has a distinguished silk matt finish, and is made from naturally strong, smooth, biodegradable lyocell. Developed with a focus on sustainability, the wood-based thread’s manufacturing process uses environmentally friendly technologies and sustainable raw materials. Madeira’s latest innovation is an important development and a critical move for both the textile industry and the environment.

Questions and Answers

We will be displaying a collection of pieces that showcase our love of stitch and while we can’t be there the whole time, we are hoping to be at the show for much of the time to answer your questions and have a chat. It’s been so long since we’ve seen many of you! If you do want to be sure that we’ll be there at the same time as you, feel free to email us.

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Take a look at some of the digital stitch examples that Laura demonstrated at Festival of Quilts 2022.

Festival of Quilts 2022

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Digital Stitch Demonstration Samples

Take a look at some of the digital stitch examples that Laura demonstrated at Festival of Quilts 2022.

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Digital Stitch plus Painting

Take a look at how Linda’s been using a combination of commercial digital stitch designs, freehand quilting and hand painting to produce a composition.