Explore Monoprint

Monoprint is one of our favourite techniques. Why? Well because it’s so versatile, immediate and easy to get started with. You can monoprint onto paper, sketchbook pages and fabric. You can use printing ink, fabric paint or acrylic. You can work in colour, black and white, in a painterly way or with a linear, graphic style. You can incorporate the use of stencils, stamps and natural materials.

The prints you make might be complete artworks in their own right, or you might be printing to make papers for collage. Perhaps you’ll use monoprint in your sketchbook as the basis for exciting pages. Or maybe you’ll print on fabric to create beautiful cloth for your quilts, garments or stitched textiles?

You’ll only need simple equipment to get started and in our video workshops we’ll guide you through the processes to achieve great results.

If you’re new around here, a great place to start is our free Exploring Monoprint workshop. Enjoy.

Screenprinted Drawings on Paper

Learn how to print a sequence of drawings using screenprint. We’ll hand draw onto the screen before transferring the work to paper.

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Print Rescue

Laura shares her favourite techniques for rescuing prints that haven’t quite turned out perfectly first time. She’ll demonstrate how you can improve your prints using editing, collage, drawing and painting. These methods are great for working into your monoprints, collagraphs and more.

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Collagraph Monoprint

Learn how to use collagraph to make prints without a press. In this workshop Laura will show you how to make your own plates and then print them to paper or your sketchbook using a Gelli plate.

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Monoprint Image Transfer

Laura experiments with her gel plate and an image transfer mono printing technique. It’s not foolproof, but it’s lots of fun and you’ll end up with a fantastic pile of monoprints and collage papers which can be perfect for your sketchbook, mixed media work, journals and altered books. In this workshop Laura demonstrates working on paper, this technique might work on fabric, but we’ve not tried it – yet!

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Monoprint And Painting

So you have made a huge pile of monoprints, but what are you going to do with them? In this workshop Laura will show you how you can combine prints and add layers of paint to complete a beautifully painterly piece filled with colour.

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Use monoprint with stencils to create a bird motif on fabric before adding appliqué and stitch to make a beautiful stitched textile that could be displayed as a wall quilt or made into a cushion.

Monoprint on Fabric

Explore monoprinting methods on fabric. Print your own fabulous yardage with easy monoprint methods, try using tracing and stencils for impressive figurative compositions, and then join Linda and Laura in the studio to see how Laura’s been using monoprint in her quiltmaking.

More Monoprint

Extend your monoprint technique library with this collection of video workshops. We’ll show you how to create a painted monoprint, work with stamps to create pattern and a great method for monoprinted frames. All of these techniques are ideal for working on paper or fabric.

Screenprint, Monoprint and Stitch

Learn how to create one-of-a-kind printed fabrics using a fabulous screen printing method with stencils, then overprint with monoprinting to add graphic marks. Laura will then guide you through planning piecing ideas in your sketchbook before sharing her tips for quilting the results.

Monoprint Landscape

Work with Laura to explore monoprinting methods including how to use paper stencils to print on fabric and paper. She’ll show you how to make a series of sequenced prints. Next work on a landscape design on fabric with a central scene and border design. Add stitching by hand and machine to complete your mini quilt.

The Monoprinted Moths are Multiplying!

See how Linda has incorporated her mono prints into her latest two quilt tops. She explains how she’s tackling the quilting.

Framing a monoprinted screenprint

We’d had a screen printing session at Laura’s studio during the holidays and it reminded me I’d got a heap of prints I’d made ages ago. I loved this combo print of screenprint and monoprint.

Handprinted Sketchbooks

In this archive collection of 5 video workshops join Linda and Laura to print, bind and work into your very own sketchbook.

Handprinted Sketchbook

See how Linda’s Handprinted Sketchbook is coming along…

Re-making an Agar Gel Print Plate

Re-cast your veggie-jelli printing plate for perfect monoprints.

Veggie-Jelli Monoprinting

Make your own jelli plate and learn how to layer coloured prints. Prepare your prints, make compositions and stitch!

Exploring Monoprint

Explore the potential of monoprinting techniques.