Fast Flying Geese Cushion

I finally got around to quilting my ‘Fast Flying Geese’ that we featured in a video workshop here on DMTV ages ago.

Fast Flying Geese Quilting

Of course after languishing in the ‘to do’ pile for weeks, as soon as you get going it’s quickly completed.

Fast Flying Geese Cushion

Alright, don’t look too closely, it’s not perfect, but hey, it’s finished and I’ll take that. With all those seams, it’s a tricky contender to quilt. I decided to use one of my favourite methods for quilting piecing and that’s to freehand curves that bounce from point to point. I find this works well with a geometric design and is also quick to do.


I made the quilted piece into a large cushion with a denim back. I had a few geese left over so I pieced them into two bands, gave them the same quilting treatment and inset them into the backing.

I’ve piped the cushion, so to make life easier, I’ve set the zip part way down the back of the cushion under a flap. This is really easy to do, just sew in the zip between the upper and lower section. Allow extra fabric to the upper section, form a pleat over the zip and stitch in place above the zip and to the sides.

If you have some fast flying geese units in your pile of unfinished projects, I hope that gives you some inspiration of what you might do with them.

Hope you’re having a great week. Back soon,