Finding Inspiration

In this archive collection of 5 video workshops Laura will guide you through one approach to finding inspiration for your next project, from sourcing inspirational images to creating interesting layered sketchbook pages.


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Videos in this collection

Finding Inspiration – Collecting

Part 1 – Get started on a new set of work by collecting inspiration

Finding Inspiration – Seeing

Part 2 of Laura’s series about finding inspiration. Join her to start the first pages in your sketchbook.

Finding Inspiration – Creative Copies

Part 3 – Use the photocopier creatively to explore colour and scale, and create collage materials for use in your sketchbook.

Finding Inspiration – Editing

Part 4 – Laura’s continuing her Finding Inspiration series with this workshop. Join her to find out how you can begin to edit and select from the resource of imagery that you’ve created.

Finding Inspiration – Layering

Part 5 – Use text in a layering approach to create interesting sketchbook pages.