Frame It!

OK, so is it just me that saves every drawing, every bit of paper smeared with glue, glitter and pompoms, and every scrap of paper she writes her name on?
It goes without saying that Amelie has every opportunity to draw, paint, cut, stick and liberally cover surfaces with glitter. I’m quite hard-hearted, but even I can’t bear to throw anything but the scrappiest bits away. I now have heaps and heaps of stuff. Some I’ve bound into sketchbooks, but we’re finally at the stage of our house renovations where we can start to put up a few pictures.
These drawings have been on my pinboard for months. I love the cat (top left), but possibly my all time favourite is the triangle character. His expression! I need to keep these for posterity. I’ve carefully cut them out and glued them to a base sheet of paper with the tiniest amount of glue (just in case for some reason I need to use them for something else – no, I don’t know what that might be either, but you never know).
Popped into a simple Ikea white frame I think they look pretty cool on the playroom wall.


Amelie’s pretty pleased with them too.
On a roll, I suggested she did some paintings specially for the other frames we had. She rose to the challenge with this portrait of Grandma. Now I know you might not think this is a big deal, but I showed her how important it is to rinse the brush between colours and look, she kept the colours clean, no more brown! I’m calling that a milestone.


My tips for displaying your children’s art work are:
  • edit their drawings and paintings by cutting out the best bits and arranging them together as a montage in a single frame
  • look for inexpensive frames like ours which are from Ikea and consider grouping together a number of small frames to make a great visual statement
  • buy the frame first and challenge your children to make some artwork that fits it
  • combine their drawings with photos of them to capture the moment. It’s something lovely to have for the future.
Love Laura and Amelie!