Adding Text to the Moth Quilt Top

If you read my last post you’ll recognise this quilt top I put together recently.

There’s a lot of empty space around that moth print with its pieced border. Now when it comes to quilting I like something to inspire the stitching rather than just invent a pattern!

Using text is always a good bet so I found out our favourite foam alphabet stamps. Now please don’t write and ask where to buy them – we’ve had them for years and they seem to have disappeared from the shop shelves! All I can see is if you spot some get them quick – you’ll use them over and over again!

Of course if you are going to use text it helps to have something pertinent to say! I researched every poem and quote I could find that included a mention of moths. Most of them were too mournful and depressing to use – poor old moths get a very bad press! Finally I tracked down a quote from Christina Rossetti that I liked and you can see a glimpse of it here.

She talks about moths’ dusty wings  and we all know how well observed that is. We’ve got  several different fonts and sizes of stamps and I like to mix them up for extra interest. I’ve used fabric paints that will need to be heat fixed as soon as the paint is dry enough to iron. The colours were pretty basic so I enjoyed mixing them before applying them to the stamps with a foam roller. I’ve used magenta with yellow, metallic gold and a touch of black in the print above.

Of course when you’ve had a great print session it’s time to clean up. Those stamps may be stained with colour but they will scrub up and be ready and waiting for their next outing!

Thanks for dropping by to read this today – I’ll make sure to show you how the quilting turns out now I’ve got shapes to work with!

Bye for now – Linda