Framing a monoprinted screenprint

We’d had a screen printing session at Laura’s studio during the holidays and it reminded me I’d got a heap of prints I’d made ages ago. I had a rifle through my crate of unfinished stuff and came up with this one;

It’s a screenprint made using thickened dyes – you may remember we showed how to do that on DMTV some time ago. This particular print was then taken a step further by having a monoprint of the moths added. I really like the sketchy quality of the drawing onto the empty space of the moth shape.

Knowing I wanted to make something of the print, my next step was to audition a few fabrics.

I decided a formal border would be an interesting contrast to the print and cut a number of 1.5 inch strips.

I joined the strips in pairs, pressed the seams to one side and cut them into 1.5 inch wide units.

It speeds the piecing up if you sew opposing units as a long chain.

Press them open and you end up with lots of checkerboard units that can then be stitched together in rows long enough……

to form a border that frames the print.

You need to measure the length of your pieced strips very carefully to make sure they fit at the corners!

And here’s what it looks like now I’ve added on a couple more fabrics. I have plans to quilt and paint this piece but you may have to be patient while I work on that! I promise to show progress here on the blog.

Linda x