Friday Night Fix – Altered Book

Join Linda for a series of 6 videos that demonstrate effective techniques to alter a food and drink related book. Originally offered every Friday night over six weeks, when viewers joined in each week to alter their own book, they are now available in a mini course that you can view at your own pace and as many times as you like.

This workshop collection contains six videos.


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Videos in this collection

Friday Night Fix – Altered Book, Week 1

Workshop 1 provides an introduction to the project. Linda advises how to choose the ideal book to alter and suggests the type of ephemera to begin collecting.

Friday Night Fix – Altered Book, Week 2

Workshop 2 looks at a variety of ways to prepare pages and make your book the perfect vehicle for the fun techniques of collage, print and paint.

Friday Night Fix – Altered Book, Week 3

Workshop 3 focuses on achieving the combination of colourful washes with resist and how to accentuate the surface textures you have created with applications of fluid paint or ink.

Friday Night Fix – Altered Book, Week 4

Workshop 4 includes the creation of apertures and niches to house 3D treasures, photographs and found objects.

Friday Night Fix – Altered Book, Week 5

Workshop 5 is about creative use of photographs and photocopies. Linda shows examples of flaps and page extensions to integrate extra pages and alter size and proportion of your book.

Friday Night Fix – Altered Book, Week 6

Workshop 6 brings all your creative efforts together by adding repeat motifs and patterns throughout the work. You will use both commercial and handmade stamps to create a sense of narrative and continuity in your finished book.