Giveaway: Show us your workspace

Well if you’ve been keeping up with blog posts here, your scraps will be tidied, your paints organised and you’ll be ready to go! I really ought to practise what I preach, some of my work area is looking pretty tidy, there are other corners that still need attention, but I’m getting there. One of our lovely DMTV viewers sent us a photo of her workspace, I’m sure you’ll agree, it just looks gorgeous! Thank you Jennifer Mary for sharing.

I am just loving your newest blogs about workspaces

Other people’s workspaces always look so lovely don’t they? I feel like I could sit down there right away and create. Just look at that lovely big brush and paints poised on the table ready to go.

Inspired by Jennifer, we’ve had a little tidy up and thought we’d share photos of our workspaces too. If you’re a DMTV viewer then you might recognise my desk from our video workshops. I have to keep it quite tidy for video making, and I like to have everything close by. From my stool I can spin round and grab a pencil, pen, paint, brush, whatever. I like that I can see what I’ve got as it inspires me to use my stuff!


Workspace3Here’s how Linda’s studio is looking at the moment. when you’re interested in so many different things, it can be hard to fit everything into a small space so Linda zones her workroom as much as is practical. At one end is her sewing machine and overlocker, at the other, her painting and drawing table.


Are you one of the lucky ones who has a designated room where you can spread your stuff out and just close the door between creative sessions or, are you making a little space for yourself in a corner of the kitchen? We’d love you to show us! Post an image of your workspace together something you’ve created there recently and we’ll choose one lucky person  at random to receive a little arty gift. We’ll make our choice at the end of February so you’ve got plenty of time to join in!

How to join in:

  • Take a photo of your workspace showing something you’ve made there recently. It might be a sketchbook page, a little quilt, a painting, anything!
  • If you’re a DMTV member or student, upload your photo to the Gallery here.
  • If you’re not yet a DMTV member or just prefer to use social media, then post on our Facebook page here, or on Instagram being sure to use the tag #designmatterstv

We’ll pick a random winner at the end of February and send a surprise arty treat in the post. Good luck everyone! We can’t wait to see your creative places.

We’ll be back soon.
Bye for now,