Gold Finishing Touches

Did you see Linda’s flower painting in her workshop ‘Acrylic Painting on Poured Backgrounds’? If you’ve followed that workshop, and of course the previous one, ‘Introduction to Paint Pouring’, then you’ll have see all that glorious colour as it floods the canvas and creates special effects. Here’s Linda’s finished painting of a water lily. The poured backgrounds are really sympathetic to the floral subject matter don’t you think?

We allowed the paint to run over the canvas and drip down the sides which left some of the white canvas exposed. If you’re working on a deep edge canvas or box canvas, you could choose to paint the sides, maybe white, black or a colour to coordinate with your pour, and hide those drips. We loved the drips though, it’s part of the process isn’t it? So instead of hiding them, Linda’s enhanced them by painting any exposed background areas gold.

The gold paints adds a lovely richness to the painting and makes it feel like a little jewel!

To do the same, you’ll need a smallish brush and some gold acrylic paint. Linda’s favourite is Winsor & Newton Gold which is highly pigmented and lustrous. Even so, you might need two coats for the best coverage over the white base.


Hope you agree this is a great way to finish off your poured paintings!

Happy painting,


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