Handmade Accessories

Join Linda to make three different handmade accessories. Needlefelt and hand embellish an iPad case (or bag or book cover if you prefer), personalise a ready-made scarf using soluble stabiliser and machine stitching, and finally make your own ‘precious purse’ with needle felting and machine stitching. There are three video workshops in this collection.


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Videos in this collection

Polka Dot iPad Case

Make a needle-felted case for your iPad with hand stitched embellishments, or apply the same ideas and techniques and make a purse or book cover.

Precious Purses

Construct your own ‘precious purse’ using needle felting and simple stitching.

Scarves with Soluble

Customise a store bought scarf with precious scraps and simple machine stitching onto watersoluble stabiliser.