Handprinted Sketchbooks

In this archive collection of 5 video workshops join Linda and Laura to print, bind and work into your very own sketchbook.


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Videos in this collection

Handprinted Sketchbooks Part 1

Create your own handprinted sketchbook.

Handprinted Sketchbooks Part 2

Bind your own handmade book from your printed papers.

Handprinted Sketchbooks – Cutting

Use a knife to edit, select and play with the structure of your handprinted sketchbook.

Handprinted Sketchbooks: Pen and Wash

Linda’s working into her handprinted sketchbook. See how she’s exploiting the different characteristics of pens and using them with wash to add drawings to the pages.

Handprinted Sketchbooks: Vintage Collage

Add to your handprinted book with collage elements from old books or magazines. Don’t worry if you don’t want to cut up a vintage book, there’s always a solution! Linda demonstrates how to find a home for the collage motifs and how she’s integrating them to the page.