Health and safety: 

The information and instruction found on are the opinion of the presenters, Linda and Laura Kemshall and their guest artists. All content is believed to be accurate and safe and is provided in good faith. The practices and products demonstrated reflect the years of experience of the artists concerned. Users of must accept responsibility for their own health and safety and must satisfy themselves as to the safety of the product or process before proceeding. It is always advisable to read manufacturers’ guidance notes as products vary between brands and specific usage information always supersedes generic advice. DesignMatters and its presenters accept no responsibility for harm or injury to any viewer as a consequence of the programme content and expect their viewers/readers to act responsibly and sensibly at all times. Please note that not all projects and techniques may be suitable for children. Please work safely and keep those around you safe too.

Some important points for consideration;

Please ensure that you are comfortable with any process and product before beginning an activity especially if you have a specific health concern.

Always read the packaging information before buying or using any product. Most manufacturers of art materials and associated items have websites with all the information you need about their products and usage.

Use only containers dedicated to art to mix and store art materials.

Label storage bottles and containers with contents and date. Store as recommended by manufacturers and keep all containers away from children. 


Wear a suitable mask when mixing dyestuffs or other powder products.


If products or processes create fumes, work in a well ventilated space or out of doors if possible.

Wear old clothing, gloves and/or an apron when using paints, dyes, bleach, discharge paste, acrylic mediums and adhesives, etc.


Paints, varnishes and adhesives can often contain ingredients that are harmful if ingested or inhaled. Please carefully observe any guidelines on the packaging.

Wash or clean brushes and all other tools and equipment as soon as you’ve finished using them, especially if you’ve been using acrylic products and/or adhesives which dry insolubly. 

Follow sensible precautions when using electrical equipment such as heat guns and leave them to cool completely before storing.


We may suggest you use craft knives and scissors for some of the activities. Always be careful with bladed tools and be sure to handle and store them safely. When cutting with craft knives use an appropriate cutting mat and ruler.

We’ll provide instructions during our courses and videos, but these are superceded by any manufacturers’ guidelines. Most of the time all that is needed is basic common sense but if you’re not sure about something please ask us, or contact the product manufacturer for further advice.