How to Draw People


Your family, friends and yourself are probably all people that you want to include in your drawings, but drawing figures can be one of the trickiest things to do. Learn how to draw people more accurately by breaking the body into simple geometric shapes.

To join in you’ll need:

Sketchbook/art journal/home school diary/sheets of paper
Drawing media such as pens, pencils, pencil crayons

Approximate run time: 11 minutes

Presenter: Laura and Amelie Kemshall

  1. Using a pencil, start with an oval for the head. Place it high enough up your page to allow you space to fit the legs and feet on later too.
  2. Leave a gap for the neck, then draw a rectangular shape for the torso, or body, of your figure.
  3. Add legs, they are quite like carrot shapes, wider at the top, getting narrower at the ankle.
  4. Add arms, they can also be carrot shapes, starting from the top of your torso rectangle and getting narrower towards the wrist.
  5. Hands can be tricky, draw a rectangle for the palm of the hand and then add the fingers and thumbs.
  6. Feet are really hard, are you looking at the foot straight on, or is it turned to the side? Have a look at your own feet in the mirror to help understand the shape.
  7. When you’re happy, draw over the top of your pencil lines with pen to add more detail of the clothes, hair and face.