Infinity Scarf


Learn how to make a quick infinity scarf.

Approximate run time: 11 minutes

Presenter: Laura Kemshall

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Needlefelting: The Spirals Bag

Learn how to use your needlefelting (Embellisher) machine to create a colourful fabric with felt and wool fibres. Then decorate it with appliqué spirals, and enhance with machine and hand stitch before constructing a simple triangular bag.

How To Make a Box Bag

Work along with Laura and Frances as they show you how to make a box bag step-by-step. Frances will share her tips for a professional finish inside and out for this fully lined zipped bag. It’s perfect for make-up, art supplies, a small knitting project or as a travel bag.

Machine Embroidered Brooches

Work along with Laura to make pretty machine embroidered heart brooches. Learn how to free machine embroider and practice your thread blending skills.

Paint Pounded Scarf

Create beautiful hand painted cloth with Linda’s special fabric painting technique, then selecting from your palette of fabrics make a unique scarf with hand worked, kantha style stitch.

Handmade Accessories

Join Linda to make three different handmade accessories. Needlefelt and hand embellish an iPad case (or bag or book cover if you prefer), personalise a ready-made scarf using soluble stabiliser and machine stitching, and finally make your own ‘precious purse’ with needle felting and machine stitching.

Quick Make Collar

This quick make is perfect for adding instant colour and style to your look this season, or as a great gift for a stylish friend. Showcase a special fabric or up-cycle and old quilt into a collar that’ll dress up any outfit.

Paper Vessels and Jewellery

In this collection of 4 video workshops Linda will guide you through two projects. First, try your hand at making paper pulp and moulding vessels. Recycle paper and build some beautiful forms. In the following workshop she shows you how to decorate the vessels you’ve made. Next try making your own paper beads with a twist. These are made with special papers from your stash to add meaning and interesting surface design. In the final workshop Linda will show you how you can put your handmade beads to use in intriguing ‘talisman’ jewellery.

The Accordion Bag

A bag or a piece of sculpture? This bag cleverly expands with an accordion-like structure that gives the bag its name. See how Laura designed and made hers and how you can create your own version.