Ink Painting

In this collection you’ll find a selection of workshops exploring the use of ink. We’ll show you how you can combine acrylic ink and acrylic paint, use gouache as a resist for Indian ink, and make mixed media drawings with watercolour pencils and writing ink. There are four workshops in this collection.


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Videos in this collection

Ink Resist

Find out how gouache can be used as a resist for Indian ink! With this exciting technique you can paint and print the design of your choice then the magic of the gouache and ink combination will do the rest. It’s perfect for sketchbook pages and mixed media painting.

Inky Painting

Try expressive painting with writing ink and play with hard and soft edges, diluting the ink and combining with water-soluble pencils.

Mixed Media Painting: Ink – Acrylic – Bleach

Try this experimental painting technique that uses layers of permanent and bleach-able media. We’ll build up the images in layers and enjoy the magic moments when the bleach does its work!

Acrylic Paint/Acrylic Ink

Explore the characteristics of acrylic paints and inks in your sketchbook work.