Art as Inspiration

Art, and paintings in particular can provide a rich source of inspiration for textiles. In this series of video workshops Linda guides you through how she’s been inspired by the paintings of Paul Klee to make a small art quilt.


Summer Tops – New Look 6217

We've got the dressmaking bug again! The sun is suddenly shining so we need new summer clothes. Immediately! This simple top in cotton lawn was the first off the production line...

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Inspired By...

"Where do you get your inspiration from?". That's the number one question we are always asked whenever we teach or give a lecture. And the answer? Well inspiration can be found all around you! We all have themes and ideas that appeal to us, and that we return to time and again. For us inspiration can be found in the landscape, nature, art and music, but what fires you? Maybe it's architecture, plants, historical costume...

Finding Inspiration

In this classroom we'll talk about not only the places you can look for inspiration, but equally importantly, what to do with it when you find it. 

Video Workshops

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