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Scrap Quilt Tips

Working with scraps to make your next quilt can be so satisfying, but also a big challenge in terms of design. In this workshop join Laura to take a look at a new scrap quilt Linda’s been sewing as she shares her tips for a successful scrap quilt. 

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How to Sew a Shirt Collar

Have you ever fancied sewing a shirt but been put off by having to do the collar? Laura shows you step-by-step how to do it and it’s really not that bad!

Everywhere the Glint of Gold

Take a look at how we’ve used gold in our work over the years, from paintings to quilts, plus a quick list of our favourite gold products.

Strippy Scrappy – Finished

It’s done, take a look at the last bits of quilting on the Strippy Scrappy quilt that Linda’s been working on recently.

Strippy Scrappy – What happened next?

Take a look at how Linda’s completed the quilting on the piece she started in the Strippy Scrappy video workshop.

Tips for Squaring up a Quilt

Laura’s tips for squaring up your quilt before adding binding or a facing.

English Paper Piecing – a summer project

See Linda’s latest English Paper Piecing project, the perfect technique for garden sewing!

Plant Printed Artist Book

Take a page by page look through Linda’s plant printed artist book. The book is hand made from a variety of plant printed papers. As you’ll see she’s added painted birds and insects, these are worked in watercolour, gouache and acrylic ink.

Label It!

So you’ve invested weeks, even months making a quilt? The final stage is the own up to it! Sign your quilt and label it to start a little quilt history of your own. Join Laura as she shares some ideas and tips for how to label your quilt.

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Watercolour Still Life – Session Six

In Session 6 of the course we’ll work on completing our paintings. Join Linda and Laura for a short critique of Laura’s painting and to see the final touches to complete it. Don’t miss the accompanying paint-along video with Linda.

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Watercolour Still Life – Session Six Paint Along

Enjoy an hour and a half painting time with Linda as she works on her watercolour still life in real time.

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Linda’s Poppy Sketchbook

Take a look at some pages from Linda’s poppy sketchbook.

Poppy Inspiration

We love to find inspiration in our gardens and you know we both have used poppies in our work. Take a look at these beautiful examples and maybe use them to draw or paint from in your sketchbook.

Page to Stitch: Painterly Poppies

So you’ve been working in your sketchbook and are really happy with the pages, but how can you translate that to fabric? In this two-part workshop Linda will show you how she creates a painterly study of poppies in her sketchbook then takes those pages as inspiration to create a quilted panel.

Piecing Blues

Scrap quilts are a lot of fun to make and so satisfying, but it’s not just a case of anything goes. See how Linda’s carefully working with value to organise her fabric placement in a Rail Fence quilt and experimenting with different layouts.

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Watercolour Still Life – Session Five

In Session 5 of the course we’ll carefully consider the selection and grouping of a collection of objects as a subject to paint. Setting up a successful arrangement of objects is key to making a good painting. Laura will make a start on her final painting for the course and Linda will demonstrate a neat lifting out technique for retrieving highlights.

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