Life Goes On

If in these uncertain times you need a reminder that some things carry on regardless just look to nature!

Here’s one of our Amaryllis bulbs just on the point of flowering again. It hasn’t looked very pretty for months now (in fact it’s a downright ugly bulb!) but nature has an amazing way of regenerating and I can’t believe how quickly the year since it last flowered has gone! I love the combination of bright green and coral and I  can’t resist drawing this later today.

I recorded the flowers at various stages last time. This painting combines a pen drawing with the addition of a watercolour wash. There are also a few bits of random print on the left hand page. I like how that gives a bit more interest than a pristine white page. I extended the printed lines with pen lines to connect the two pages. I’ll have to challenge myself to try different media this time round to see what different effects I can get. I’m thinking monoprint might be a good starting point?

And here it is a few days later with more of the buds opening. While I’m working through my second time with the Creative Sketchbooks’ course I’m including plant and flower studies – we ask students to work with inspiration from objects from around their home and what could be more inspirational than the plants and flowers we have at home? Whilst we are staying home because of the pandemic it’s even more important to record the things that keep us cheerful and for me flowers do exactly that.

I hope you are finding solace and satisfaction from your sketchbook work – it’s a great way to lose yourself for a few hours don’t you agree?

Linda x