Lino blocks, rubbings and prints

It’s difficult to see examples of specific techniques on my pages now because I’m tending to mix and match everything we’ve explored during the course.

The watercolour above is something I painted a few months ago and is actually nothing to do with the course but when I was trying to find suitable pattern to add to my pages I though I could make use of it to create a lino block.
Here’s the resulting block on the right and on the left you can see a rubbing I took from it using a solid graphite pencil. That’s something I always do to check how the block will print – it’s quick and easy to do and shows immediately if more carving is needed to improve the design. I made the rubbing by placing the lino under a page of the sketchbook and rubbed with the side of the pencil. The rubbing looked quite dark and gloomy so I painted the background with a fuschia acrylic paint to cheer it up a bit. The flowers that inspired the block were very pink so that colour seemed appropriate.
Once I was sure the block was fine I rolled a thin layer of the same pink acrylic over the lino and flipped it over to print direct to  the right hand page of my book. I’d already collaged a bird print onto the opposite page and I though the floral print would complement him nicely. There was quite a bit of paint remaining on the foam roller so I added a veil of colour around the bird. I counterchange the background colour this time – I used black acrylic to subdue the pink around the flowers and washed it around the bird to visually connect the two pages.

There’s no way I can show you all the pages I’ve filled so far but just to say I’m in the mood for lino block printing! Here’s another of my favourite subjects – a bumble bee. He’s been printed with black acrylic paint and a wash of purple watercolour added around the print. Once again I rolled a little of the same paint onto the facing page and extended the watercolour wash over the acrylic when it was dry. The three leaf prints were unearthed from an earlier printing session and seemed to fit the theme – shows why I never throw anything away – it all comes in eventually. At the moment I’m inspired by the flowers, insects and birds I see in my garden and combining them on the pages just seems right!

My book is beginning to bulge but that’s exactly how I love to see a sketchbook. Full and bursting with inspiration and promise!

Talk to you again soon – Linda x