Machine Piecing

Explore machine piecing techniques here on this page. We’ll show you our favourite quick and easy methods for fast and accurate patchwork designs.

Don’t forget, piecing often looks its best once it’s quilted, so when you’re done here, head over to the Quilting Classroom for some ideas for how to complete your project.

Strip Piecing

What if? Cutting and Piecing

Join Laura for a workshop of experimental piecing. She’ll work with a digitally printed panel and explore options for cutting, rearranging and piecing it back together. It’s time to forget being precious about your fabric and get out that rotary cutter and ask ‘what if?’!

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Inspired by Seminole Patchwork

Learn a fast and easy method to design for your quilts using strip piecing inspired by Seminole Patchwork. Laura will show you how to work directly with your fabrics for the design process so you can be sure ideas in your sketchbook pages will translate well to your quilts.

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Painterly Piecing, Applique and Hand Dyeing

We just love hand dyed fabrics, there’s no better way to create just the colours and colour combinations that we want for our work. In this video collection we’ll show you how to dye your own fabrics and then use them in painterly appliqué and patchwork projects.

Sort your Scraps

Sort your fabric stash and get through those scraps!

Strippy Scrappy Blocks

Slice up your scraps and use them with quick piecing methods to make beautiful quilt tops. This is a great stash buster and will quickly make a dent in your fabric pile!

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Piecing Blues

Scrap quilts are a lot of fun to make and so satisfying, but it’s not just a case of anything goes. See how Linda’s carefully working with value to organise her fabric placement in a Rail Fence quilt and experimenting with different layouts.

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Fast Piecing

Fast Flying Geese Cushion

I’ve finished quilting my Fast Flying Geese and made them into a cushion.

Fast Piecing Techniques

Whether you’re new to patchwork or an avid piecer, we think you’ll find these three fast methods are essential. Learn how to quickly and efficiently sew some of the most useful blocks in patchwork and you’ll speed up your quiltmaking time no end! In this archive collection of three video workshops we’ll show you how to fast piece Half Square Triangles, Flying Geese and Tumbling Blocks with our favourite machine sewn methods.

Indigo and White Broken Dishes

Laura’s piecing her indigo fabrics with white to make Broken Dishes blocks.

Other techniques

Attic Window

Work along with Linda to sew a traditional Attic Window patchwork quilt with a twist! Add your own applique shapes, quilt and add details with acrylic painting. Along the way, take a look at her quilt Precious Things.

Patchwork Portholes and Pockets

Learn how to create a circular opening that can be cleverly sewn into a patchwork project, think funky porthole that enables layering of colour with glimpses through to underneath layers, or a circular feature that can be added to a garment as a decorative or functional pocket. There is lots of creative potential with this fun method. There are three workshops in this collection.